My Moses Moment — What’s Your Red Sea?

Whether you read the bible or not, the story of Moses parting the Red Sea is commonplace. Building up to this moment where he led the Israelites out of Egypt, he questioned everything. He questioned the Pharaoh’s power, his beliefs and himself. Not to mention the pressure of an estimated 600,000 to two million people wondering where this fool was leading them.

Just imagine you are standing at the edge of the Red Sea, afraid of what’s going to happen next. Then a voice tells you to just move forward. Where do you place your faith? Do you step back? Back to living in slavery and bondage? Are you going to let your fears control you, or move forward to explore the possibilities of what lies across the raging body of water? The possibility of freedom. Freedom from your anxieties and fears. The possibility of new relationships — lasting friendships.


This is how our fears control us. If we allow these obstacles to scare us, we are rendered paralyzed. We go back to being unhappy and never knowing what else is out there. But, if we act on faith and courage, if we embrace those fears — we find freedom. If we truly believe in a better circumstance, a way will be made.

My Red Sea has always been health and fitness. I didn’t want to take care of myself. Too much work, expensive and exhausting. I thought people would make funny of me. They’d say I’m not strong enough. Those thoughts always infiltrated my mind whenever I made an attempt.

But I am finally taking that step forward – though it causes me anxiety. Why now? Because I’m sick of having this unaccomplished goal on my list year after year. I’m done being stuck.

So what is your Red Sea? What is that one thing in your way that you’re afraid to conquer? Are you going to take the challenge head on, or continue living and fear and wondering what could have been?


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